Sir Christopher Lee my best horror actor.

To me Sir Christopher lee was not only a great fine actor of his generation but a awesome singer, i have many times put on one of his CDs like Devils,Rogues and other Villians on but joined in with him has he sings awesomely through the CD. I  love all his films not matter what critics say its a poor film to me his films are not poor or boring, sometimes i would watch the same film over and over again and still re call his script out loud in my front room. he dances beautifully in Rasputin the Mad Monk and be a crazy eccentric in Rainbow thief, what i hate most of all he is dubbed or been bumped off early in the film, he deserves to be on it longer like he was in 1958 of the The Hound of the Baskervilles, by the way i also like Peter Cushing another great fine actor, these 2 are the finest actors that ever there was in this world, i miss them alot, Christopher helping me with my golf as i watch him eagerly on pro celebrity golf with Peter Aliss, and what a great programmes that was, it would be wonderful if the english TV network could repeat them back on BBC2. Well farewell Christopher and Peter until we meet again.R I P My dearest close friends.I am also a dedicated fan of Jeremy Brett and Michael Schumacher.


I am so happy Michael is getting stronger now after his nasty accident he had on his families skiing holiday, i heard his press conference in 1992 when he mentioned Aryton Senna died in a coma, my heart was sad and i was praying hard hoping this will not happen to Michael. I take him very seriously i suppose folk who hates Michael because he is German do not understand, why hate him it was not his fault that Germany was at war with us, you cannot judge all Germans to be barmy like hitler, i know he was not a German but a mad bastard who loved pain and anguish on innocent folk. I have enjoyed following/supporting Michael i find there will never be another person with good talents like him, yes Seb Vettel is good but it takes guts and strong determination to be a leader in the world of formula 1 world champions.I wish him well and a good recovery, may our God bless him and his family. I find no fault with him i dare say he has some but none i have not seen.SCHUMISCHUMISCHUMISCHUMI